How to create project synopsis for college project

Create project synopsis for college project means give an overview of the problem or work that to be done on the based of some small servery or idea. It shouldn’t be to large or shouldn’t be to short.

Synopsis is not the final version of your project. You can write overview, a brief concept of your project work that is to be done.

Things should be into your project synopsis:

Section 1: Project Title

The project synopsis title should be match with your project  and should define the meaning. please take care following points while choosing your project synopsis title:

  • It should be short as much as possible.
  • It shouldn’t to complicated to pronounce or in writing.
  • It should be catchy/lucrative

Section 2: Indexing

Indexing is very important aspect in each reporting document. It shows your level of professionalism. Indexing is basically a page where all sub-title are written with page number from where they start. like you find in books indexes of chapters. (Recommended: make it in last when you have completed all other pages)

Section 3: Project Aim/Introduction/Objective

A brief intro about your project – It helps examiner to understand the level of your project. Please verify following points while writing project aim/intro/objective:

  • It should be clear and short (short doesn’t mean in one line – because you know about your project but to examiner don’t know)
  • Is your intro able to create a clear picture of your idea

Section 4: Modules (Major Functions)

Major functions of your project called modules in documentations. So you have to list in this section the major functionalities and minor functionalities with brief objective.


  • Admin Panel
    • Manage Users
      In this Admin can add/delete/modify users, restrict logins
    • Manage States & cities
      Manage states & cities which will be visible while searching
    • etc
  • Searching Page
    User can search state wise, city wise, pin-code wise
  • Registration/Login Modules
  • etc

Section 5: Technology Stack

In this section you have to list the technology you are using to create your project and which technology will play what roles. You can write introduction about each technology – It will be more professional but it should be short.


  • MongoDB: It is noSQL Database that helps use to customize schema at record level. It is quite faster and compatible with nodeJS.
  • NodeJS: A JavaScript framework based on etc etc.

Section 6: Team

In this section you need to showcase your team with assigned role with little bit description if possible about them. If you are defining project leader from your team It would be great.