How is going paperless more secure for your data?

Going paperless is more secure in terms of, you are controlling your data centrally, providing record level authentication, level of authentication as per user type.

By Digitizing your documents you are not only able to clear your work space but you also get feature to control your document user level and file level authentication.

Business identity theft and data data breaching are one of the most commonly associated hurdles when it comes to operating a business. But the information is usually leaking much more different than you would expect.

What is mean of going paperless?

Going paperless is more secure for your dataGoing paperless means you are not using electronic document and files to mange your data, as opposed to the traditional format of the paper. e.g If you are an Institute and using Lead Management software for enquiries rather then paper forms.

Data loss or breaches can damage business reputation. This also causes untold stress to the individuals involved. We should always use SSL websites when transferring data. That means when data is transferring, the data is encrypted over the wire.


How paperless method is more secure & beneficial?

Centralized control over data

When we use digitized form of data we store in a central place to access it from anywhere. We don’t keep several copies of it, and add and remove access anytime.

Record level authentication

If we are running an institute and don’t want my receptionist see each other enquiry I can’t do it with paper based system but using Lead management system I can assign records related to particular user should be visible to himself only or super user.

No chance of corruption

In physical data there is chances someone can leak your document by going into document store by giving bribe to watchman. But in digital it’s not possible.

Different authentication to all users

In paper based system – employee can delete records if they are not afraid of management, but in digital system or student management system – A user can’t perform any action he is not authorized to do so.

e.g You are running lead management system and given a user to just analyse the reports  of all receptionists, so he can’t modify or delete any records.