Institute Management System

Complete Student Life-cycle, Leads, Remarking solution helps you to increase 20% more ROI then normal.


From quick punch of enquiry to reporting
– We take care of Everything


We are doing research & developing this software from last 5 years to make it best Institute Management System. e.g Employee performance reports, incentive based model to keep motivated your faculties, Student balance and un-paid student fees report, lead management with reminders system and lot.

Lead Management System featured with re-marketing tools.


We have featured our institute management system with punching enquiry, doing followup, setting reminders, doing re-marketing & re-conversion, marketing source performance reports.

institute management software - marketing performance report - arcbrain

Marketing Performance Report.


Our Institute Management System is featured with marketing performance report – you can track performance of your marketing team and reward him for their good work. It helps your organization to keep motivated your marketing team with higher output possibilities.

Referral Program.


Referral or loyalty program helps your institute to get higher business and your client become your customers. It is the best way to award your clients if they generate some business for you.

Automate your examination system.


We are focused to remove human work as much as possible using this tool – we automate your exam system – this feature helps you: Room allocation, One click Paper generation, Online & Offline exam automation, Multi-Exam Pattern, Marks Entry, Result Declaration, Auto Grading System

Fees & Balance Tracker with on-click detailed reporting


To track our balance amount to be paid by student, and unpaid fees or overdue fees is very touch task and investment of your money. We provide on click solution for the detailed report of your students status, total or faculty & batch wise.

Features of Institute Management System

lead management software, enquiry management software, follow up system for leads

Lead Management System

load follow up system, enquiry follow up software

Auto-Reminders & Follow up


Balance Fee Tracker


Dynamic Marketing Sources

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