Disadvantages of Manually Management System

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Manual Management System

People are still using manual management system. In India, it is difficult to adopt the latest technology, but its quite very difficult to achieve efficiency and reliability using manual work. Things are not difficult, we make them difficult. To count the number of employees, student, officers etc, we do it manually rather than just running a simple software which makes the work simple. The calculator is the best example to understand the difference between manual working and automatic working. The way it increases the efficiency and reliability, no human can. A human can make mistakes but a calculator cannot. Likewise, management needs to understand the importance of Automation.

Disadvantages of Manual Management System :

Lack of Security :

The paper document is less secure compared to an electronic system. Misplaced of documents can easily get into wrong hands. The organization Secret or classified information is unsafe. If you lost them somewhere, there is no chance of getting them back. The leak of confidential documents can cost you a big amount. Clients expect their information to be secure in your hands. If you can’t keep this safe, you are at risk of losing them.

Time Consuming :

Manually managing is a very tough and time-consuming process. Handling of each and every document and store them safely is not easy. It’s not only about security but also about transporting or carrying out documents at different places. Physically carry the documents and handling them is a task. But if you are using an IT tool then you can travel with years of data in just an eraser size pen-drive.

Insufficient Storage Space :

Paperwork can take up a significant amount of space, and the need of space will increase as the number of the document increases with an increase in growth of the business. The business increase, paperwork also increases, data will increase, records will also increase leads to insufficient space.

Difficulty in a modification of data :

When you are working with paper documents, it is much harder to make changes. If you want to make any change you will have to make a copy, so you don’t destroy the original with any edits or comments you might add. This means the editing process is more time consuming and costly than if you were working with digital copies.

Increases Cost :

One of the biggest drawback of paper- based document management system is the associated costs. These cost quickly add up can become a significant expense in larger organizations leads to decrease in the organizational profit. Documentation, record keeping, storage etc is a very costly process in manually management system.

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