Innovative Approach

Innovative Approach

We always welcome innovative idea - and believe client success is ours.

Quality Timely Support

Quality Timely Support

We have dedicated support team to help our clients for any problem they face.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

What you will invest more then you will get in return - that we guarantee

Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

We provide free professional consultancy If you are confuse to choose software.

Who we are

Arcbrain is designed to not just say “it is best school management software” or It’s not just a software to make data entry. We worked to decrease your resource cost and increase the profitability.

Proven Experience

Try automation, free for 30 days and see the difference

5 Years of Experience in Education System

Working from 2014 – with the launch we have been appreciated by our clients all over the india and referred by 30% clients. It helped us to achieve 50+ clients at the end of first year launch. Till we have covered 6+ state including two metro cities.

  • Zero setup cost
  • Dedicated support
  • Quality training & special program to education your end users
  • Efficient notification system
  • Premium services zero wait time.

Solution We Provide

We help our client and provide start to end solution to automate their business – Yes It difficult to move in starting but gives amazing result once setup.

Institute Automation

We provide Institute Management System - A combo of CRM + ERP helps you to boost your business and helps you to focus to increase your franchise.

School Automation

From Student Admission to TC - we take care of all. including result, teachers, batches, buses with easy to use interface.

College Automation

We provide complete college suit. ERP module that helps you to manage things efficiently.

What are you thinking for??
Why don't you try automation for free just for 30 days and see the difference ??

To believe our wording into reality - we provide free trial of our software that helps you to see the written words are true. There is no credit card integration required or any pre or post payments to start your trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERP software?

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software is business process management software.  It allows an organization to use a system of integrated application to manage the business and automate many routines and back office functions related to technology. For example, SMS, Attendance record, fees alert, Student login, E-notes, online test etc.

Can I import existing data into your software?

Yes – you can easily migrate your existing system to our system, Our team will support you and help you while transferring your data into our software.

How is ArcBrain different from other Institution management software present in the market?

ArcBrain is one of the types of institution management software. After years of research, we designed and developed a software which is totally free from errors. It is totally customized as per personal requirements. Our institution management software  is suitable for any school, college or university anywhere in the world.

Is there a trial version for your ArcBrain?

Yes, we do have the full trial version for 30 days, In which we will allow access to all our features and also our trainer will guide you about how to maximize the use our software.

Is training provided on How to use ArcBrain?

Yes, Training will be provided. To use ArcBrain software, no technical knowledge is required but still, we provide one-one personal training to our customers.